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    my name is Josef. I'm 21 years old and I'm from Mainburg, Germany. Since 2010 I'm studying computer science at the Technical University Munich.


    When I develop something, design, user-friendliness and simplicity are of special importance to me. At the time when I was still at school, I did, besides some programming, also some work in the field of 3D design, developed some mini games and created some special effects. Then the time came and I had to decide which way to go. I decided explicitly against studying design, because I believe that the technical side offers greater possibilities to me.


    My big goal in life is to turn my hobby into my job. Or in other words to do what I like to do :D What I mean with that is partly shown on this website. If I had to sum it up, I would simply call it "develop technical stuff".


    In March 2011, I registered a business (Josef Brandl Software). GalleryGear is my first big project that I decided to sell.


    End of March 2011, Josef



    If you have questions or ideas, need a website, spotted a typo or bug or if you'd like to propose a feature, then write me an e-mail. I'm glad to help if I can. By the way: I have no problems with short mails. If you want to keep it brief and don't need more than 3 words for that go ahead ;)



    Some thoughts on video tutorials

    I'm a big fan of video tutorials, because they are in my opinion the best way to learn something. Books are great for looking things up, but for learning new stuff, visuals and sound are much more efficient. Moreover, I really like to teach - and always did - and months later when I forgot the details I can even learn from myself. Anyway: That's the reason why my site is full of video tutorials. ;)


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